Counselling & Psychotherapy

We are very happy to be able to introduce Josie O'Brien, who will be offering appointments in the peaceful and confidential rooms of Blue Mountains Wellness Centre.

Josie has experience working with adults and adolescents who have suffered from repeated traumatic events in their life or who have found themselves stuck in depression, anxiety, unexplained pain and are unable to progress beyond them. She is also currently working with those affected by child sexual abuse in relation to the recent Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Integrating past unresolved experiences with the mind, body and spirit is the focus of her work.

Here is what some of Josie's clients have said or reported:

After a session where we processed suicidal ideation, my client reported "life is great, not only am I happy to be alive but there is a fullness to life I didn't see before, I have a zest for life now ……."

"I have been receiving counselling from Josie O'Brien since Sept 2015. Prior to this I had been experiencing lifelong depression and suicidal thoughts. I had counselling before 2015 however the relief was always temporary. counselling with Josie has resulted in actual healing to the sources of the depression. This has improved the health of my complete self, in my mind, my body and my spirit. Suicidal thoughts have ceased and life's ups and downs no longer dominate and blind. At 56 I now know I am safe in who I am, and others have that right also. This has transformed not just my life, but has been life changing for my family also." (CC)

"I have never been able to sleep without having the light on or someone with me but after working with Josie I now feel comfortable with living on my own and can sleep without difficulty….. the psychiatrist recently told me that I was no longer displaying any symptoms of Bi-Polar and I believe that the work I have done with Josie about my abuse when I was a little girl is why." (KV 2017)

"I have undergone counselling with Josie O'Brien for nearly two and a half years and I have found it effective in resolving my trauma and addressing my issues. She has provided exceptional customer service, is an effective communicator, has a non-judgmental attitude (the best thing), is polite and counselling is in a very calm environment. She has taught me mindfulness - an extremely effective tool - helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and given me strategies to overcome my problems and focused on addressing key concerns and trauma memories, to move forward and be empowered. My lifestyle patterns have changed, I am exercising, am able to focus better on my education better, my social circle has expanded and I have been encouraged and motivated to achieve my ambitions.

Thank you Josie for your help and support………….(Kelly)

Appointments with Josie are now available at the centre Wednesday's 9am-5pm and Saturday mornings to 12.30pm. Call Josie direct on 0425 224 499 or email to make a booking or enquiry.